Rhino Talks and Elephant Walks
Rhino Talks and Elephant Walks

613th "Squids"  Reunion

 San Antonio, Texas 

Omni la Mansion Hotel    November  2-5, 2017

Check out the SAT 2-5 Nov 2017 Reunion pages. Learn all about the Omni Hotel, the overall game plan, and how to register. As of 31 July, only five of the seventy-five highly discounted contracted rooms remain. Click on the direct registration link (to your immediate right).


Things to do in SAT   

So much to do, so little time! Take a moment and be overwhelmed with the many places to go and things to do while you are in San Antonio. Come early and stay late.



Squid Photo Gallery   

This section is constantly being updated. Latest entry--late '60s/early '70s photos. Rare photo of Sammy Small pictured above. 


     Aviano AB, Italy

Torrejon AB, Spain

   Incirlik AB, Turkey

Click now on the link below and reserve your place at the next Squids reunion in SAT in Nov '17!

613th TFS "Squids"            Association

This is the official web site of the 613th Tactical Fighter Squadron (TFS) "Squids" Association. The unit was first brought on line in 1943 and deactivated in 1991. The Association was formed in June 2015. The vast majority of its membership served at Torrejon AB, Spain,  throughout the 1970s and early '80s when the F-4 "Phantom" was the unit's weapons system.

Questions, Suggestions, Comments, Photos-- Feedback of any kind to Babymac, 613th TFS Association Secretary. 




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