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         ARTICLE I


The 613th Tactical Fighter Squadron Association (“Squids”), hereafter known as the Association, is organized exclusively for fraternal and social purposes for the members and to provide opportunities to congregate, renew friendships and strengthen the common bonds forged when flying and working together on active duty.  Primary vehicles include, but are not limited to, Scheduled Organizational Reunions, ad hoc member get-togethers, and publication of items of interest to members. 




SECTION I- MEMBERSHIP-Membership in the Association is limited to those military members that were assigned to the 613th Tactical Fighter Squadron when equipped with the McDonnell-Douglas F-4 Phantom II.  All members in good standing are full voting members.

SECTION II- MEETINGS- Official Meetings of the Association Membership will be advertised and held only at Scheduled Organizational Reunions.  Association business including, but not limited to, election of officers, by-law changes, financials, and development issues or any item introduced by the membership are eligible for discussion and determination by vote of the membership during the convened time of the business meeting.

SECTION III- VOTING- Voting on Association business will be held only at advertised business meetings held in conjunction with Scheduled Organizational Reunions.  Voting will be limited to members present with a majority constituting a quorum for the transaction of Association business.  




SECTION I- OFFICERS- The business of the Association shall be conducted by an Executive Committee consisting of elected officers with portfolio as agreed upon within and among the said officers.  Association Officers shall be elected by a quorum of the membership present at the Association Business Meeting and shall consist of the following:

     Committee Chairman- Shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the Association with powers and duties as vested by the membership and a majority of the Executive Committee.

     Committee Vice-Chairman- Shall serve as Committee Chairman during the temporary absence of the Chairman or whenever the Chairman is unable to fulfill his duties.  During high workload periods, the Vice-Chairman may be tasked, with his concurrence, to assume additional duties for a limited time period.

     Treasurer- Shall have custody of the Association funds and shall keep a full and accurate account of receipts and disbursements.  He shall deposit and disburse all monies as specified by a majority of the Executive Committee.  The Treasurer shall render to the Executive Committee a financial accounting of all transactions incurred, when requested.  The Treasurer will provide a “Report of Financial Condition” to the general membership during each scheduled Business Meeting.

     Secretary- Shall give, or cause to be given, notice of all Business Meetings to the general membership.  The Secretary shall be responsible for coordinating and supporting activities of the Association to include forwarding Association correspondence and information to the members, maintaining and updating a membership listing, and maintaining the Association Web site, so long as it remains funded by the membership.  The Secretary will act as overall coordinator for all Association correspondence to include whatever social media sites the Association becomes involved with. 

     Member-At-Large- Duties to be determined as necessary

     Reunion Coordinator- Focal Point for tasking and activities for pending reunions.

SECTION II- DURATION OF TERMS- Executive Committee members shall serve at the discretion of the membership and will normally be replaced by election of the general membership at a scheduled Business Meeting.

SECTION III- RESIGNATIONS AND VACANCIES- Any officer opting to resign his position shall put such in writing addressed to the Association Secretary specifying an effective date or, lacking an effective date, effective upon receipt by the Association Secretary.  Remaining Executive Committee Officers may fill a vacant position via appointment and ratification by a majority of the Officers.  Duration of any appointed officers will be only until the next scheduled Business Meeting when the membership can ratify a full-term candidate.

SECTION IV- EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE QUORUM- A majority of the officers on the Executive Committee shall constitute a quorum for purposes of conducting Committee business.




SECTION I- ASSOCIATION MONIES- The primary source of income for the Association is a dues structure paid by all the members.  Additional income may be available for Association use by sales of certain memorabilia with all income above expenses being deposited by the Treasurer into the Association General Account.  Any moneys collected by the Association are dedicated to defray the costs of planning, preparing for, and accomplishment of, Scheduled Reunions to benefit all members electing to attend, mailings to members, maintenance of any Association Web Site, and any other administrative costs to the extent they are not borne by voluntary efforts. Officers, and anyone doing work for the Association, will receive no compensation for services rendered other than reimbursement for legitimate expenses approved by the Executive Board.

SECTION II- ASSOCIATION DUES- Dues amounts will be established by the Executive Committee.  Total dues will not be greater than that amount necessary to provide The Executive Committee sufficient financial assets to make whatever financial commitments (deposits) necessary to engage vendors to commit to doing business with the Association for purposes of coordinating an Association Reunion or accomplishing Association business.  The Treasurer will annually announce the amount of dues for the year and create a vehicle for their collection.




SECTION I- SCHEDULING- Reunions shall be held at a place and time as directed by the membership.  To the extent possible, reunions will rotate geographical locations to provide members the opportunity to conveniently attend. Consideration will be given to locations that favor a higher number of members or where a significant percentage of the membership has expressed a desire to congregate.

SECTION II- NOTIFICATIONS- Notices of Reunions will be by personal communications, newsletter, Association Web Site, professional magazines and newspapers, and any other communications path to members and potential members.  Members are encouraged to submit comments, photographs, written articles, etc. for use by the Association on its web site.

SECTION III- AD HOC MEMBER GET-TOGETHERS- (Mini-Reunions)- Ad Hoc Member Get-Togethers are encouraged.  Communications assets of the Association are available to those members that would like to advertise these events.  Due to the nature of the Association’s financial structure, no monetary assistance is available to these events.




In the event of dissolution of the Association, the Executive Committee shall make provision for payment of all liabilities of the Association, dispose of remaining monetary assets, and close all existing accounts and agreements. Once complete, notification to the members will be by means remaining to the Association.




These By-Laws may be altered, changed, or repealed by majority membership as set out in Article II.







Draft By-Laws were ratified by a voice vote of the members present at the Association Business Meeting held at Sand Key, Florida, 13 June, 2015.  The By-Laws within this document constitute a final and working version for purposes of operations for The 613th Tactical Fighter Squadron Association, as established.








DATED  13 June 2015


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