Rhino Talks and Elephant Walks
Rhino Talks and Elephant Walks

Heavily discounted Squid rates.                                              Upgrades available.                        

Photo is of a standard room, though possibly with a river view. Can't tell what balcony oversees.

Standard Rooms: $170 + applicable taxes


Single Rate

Double Rate

Deluxe Standard Rooms (Group rate)




Only $1 more than Clearwater rooms. Standard non-reunion room rates for the time we will be there average $229. When you budget, remember that Texas includes several "tourist" taxes, not unlike Florida, in their billing.


We have negotiated for only fifty rooms to mitigate financial obligations were we to not meet our minimum bed space obligation. On the other hand, if we require more rooms (we filled seventy in Clearwater), we may get more at the reduced rate, "assuming rooms are still available." While  there are many hotels in downtown San Antonio, this is ground zero for the reunion, and the hotel was chosen after many months of vetting and visits for a purpose. The sooneer you register, the sooner we recognize if we need to ask for more before any rooms are gone. The Omni is a very class act. It is popular. It is well situated. The rooms were negotiated to a most competitive rate. There are other hotels downtown that, for  any given reason,  you might prefer. Whatever it takes to get you to San Antonio in November 2017. However as the Omni amenities are direcrly correlated with our filling contractd bed space, reunion attendees staying elsewhere may expect a moderate increase in admin fees to compensate.  

Upgrade Rooms Available! Also heavily discounted for Squids.



To the left is a photo of an Ambassador Room, also overlooking the river.


Should you wish the Presidential Suite, give Babymac a call

Room Type

Single/Double Rate

River Views


Ambassador King Jr. Suite with River Views


Presidential Suite



Click now on the link below and reserve your place at the next Squids reunion in SAT in Nov '17!

613th TFS "Squids"            Association

This is the official web site of the 613th Tactical Fighter Squadron (TFS) "Squids" Association. The unit was first brought on line in 1943 and deactivated in 1991. The Association was formed in June 2015. The vast majority of its membership served at Torrejon AB, Spain,  throughout the 1970s and early '80s when the F-4 "Phantom" was the unit's weapons system.

Questions, Suggestions, Comments, Photos-- Feedback of any kind to Babymac, 613th TFS Association Secretary. 




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