Rhino Talks and Elephant Walks
Rhino Talks and Elephant Walks

(Known) PUBLISHED SQUIDS. Page Under Construction.

Charlie Williams


In Close Proximity

Bill Stroud


  • Cassavora County
  • Lowdown, Dirty. Shame


Ed Rasimus


  • When Thunder Rolled
  • Palace Cobra
  • Fighter Pilot

Gary Lester


Mosquitos to Wolves. The Evolution of the Forward Air Controller

John Warden III (attached to 613th TFS in early '70s)


The Air Campaign: Planning for Combat (1988)

Planning to Win (1998)

Winning in FastTime (with Leland Russell / 2001)

Strategic Thinking and Planning: A Concept Summary of Strategy and Prometheus Process (2008)

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613th TFS "Squids"            Association

This is the official web site of the 613th Tactical Fighter Squadron (TFS) "Squids" Association. The unit was first brought on line in 1943 and deactivated in 1991. The Association was formed in June 2015. The vast majority of its membership served at Torrejon AB, Spain,  throughout the 1970s and early '80s when the F-4 "Phantom" was the unit's weapons system.

Questions, Suggestions, Comments, Photos-- Feedback of any kind to Babymac, 613th TFS Association Secretary. 




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